What is new with me! Got a package from the states!

Well, I have been having alot of issues, mostly financial. But I was finally able to order some copper! It is at my Mom’s house in the states and she sent me a small “test” package with 82 pieces of copper. It got here just fine! about 900 more pieces to go! hehe, also I have a Kiln, some used Enameling books from ebay, and other items that she needs to send me soon (hint hint)

Metalliferious is the joint I ordered from. I also ordered a roll of tinned copper wire. But I didn’t know exactly “tinned” meant. Yikes. hehe, maybe what I got is something I cannot use. I want it for the tiny little “domed” pieces of copper for buttons, I plan on making rings and soldering them on with hard solder. I am hoping this copper wire will work. the size is perfect, 16 gauge. I hope my plans are doable and I believe that I have to use hard solder or else the soldering will fall apart once I apply the enamel. I don’t dare ask anyone in the yahoo enameling group. I have been told not to ask questions. So I won’t be doing that over there. So if someone wants to comment to help me with this idea I would appreciate it!


I had to have the copper shipped to my Mom because they only use UPS and the shipping would have been approx. $300 US to here in Mexico. I wish more companies would do US Mail because there is a flat rate box for $29.99 that can hold up to 20lbs in it. So I am going to get it little by little. I bought 1 gross each of 7 different sizes and types. I have 2″, 1 1/2″, 1 1/4″, 1″, 7/8″ round discs and 5/8 & 3/4″ domed circles. It was like $700 dollars for this order! whew. I hope they have the best prices, but it is a done deal now, so maybe next time I can find something better? Comments anyone?


So now that I have a supply I can start doing more and am so very excited. I do have a kiln here, but I can only use it in the evenings and on Sundays, the other days it is being used full time for lampworking glass.

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