Ok, I know I will laugh at this a year from now…

This is my very first attempt at enamelling. Of course I over did it, and had to try a few techniques. Who can blame me. I have a nice stockload of neat things and I think I have enough to last me a lifetime (what is left of my own! HA!). So what do you think? I don’t like the enamel close to the edges. It is missing some. I can see firescale around the edges. I know I don’t have enough enamel on the surface. I used Cat Whiskers on them for branches of the flowers, and I also used a stencil I cut out of paper. I actually like the stencil. I like the 3D effect of the milliflori, but I like the wafer flowers even more. I counter enameled black on the back, someone told me that wasn’t a good idea, but why? I want to know why black is not good as a counter enamel. 

The second attempt. I like this one better, because I think it is better made. Closeup of the first piece, I see firescale around the edges, I am not sure what I am supposed to do about that! (Yellow Enamel) The firescale is not as apparent in this piece, but it is still there. The orange area is a stencil cut out of paper that I used. I used an xacto knife to cut it out of regular printer paper. But I have also used computer storage bag (semi transparent) to cut out patterns by placing the plastic sheeting over a drawing.(Blue Enamel) You can see the firescale to the left above the little flower really clearly. I guess I did not do something right. But I am not sure what, either there is not enough enamel on the front before I added in the decorations or I overfired it? There are also some bubbles where I added in the Cat Whiskers, I am thinking that some air got trapped below and the bubble came through. But that is only an guess for now.

 My first two attempts at enameling. For first attempts I am rather proud of them. Before cleaning up edges

This is after I ground down the edges and firescale with my beloved (now my best friend) Shaft tool. I have had the thing for 4 years and never used it, brand new…it was in a cloth tool bag where a rat decided to make a newst. The rat chewed my cord up some, not enough to hurt it, I put some electrical tape on it and cleaned it all up. I am sure glad it is in good shape now, proudly hanging a a tripod I have (I don’t have a stand and I am making due) and it works great!

My first two pieces with the edges cleaned Here you can see the 3D effect that is possible, although I am not sure it is desirable. Anyway, these were fun and interesting. I learned quite a bit doing them too!

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