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Another good Enameling Blog – Broken Branches

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

This site has alot of good info too. I especially like the post on Fold Forming. Something that could and probably would go well with Enameling. I have already done something along those lines with some thin copper that I have here, my first attempts showed me how the stress of enamel will bend the metal, I counter enameled and it straighten out. But I need to figure out a better trivet to keep the piece supported better. Anyway I am getting off track here. Check this out, alot of neat stuff too!


Copperheart – Loads of good info!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

I just love Copperheart’s blog. Alison shares info freely on how to do things, and has a few tutorials that really are helpful. I wish I had found her site earlier on. Check it out, you won’t be sorry!


Sites of Interest – Cufflinks!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

I like cufflinks, althought I don’t or can’t wear them (it is HOT here) I like them still, besides I am female….hehe, but anyway I just loved the superman cuff links here, and thought I would share this site!


How things are going! I am still a Wannabe Enamelist! hehe

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Well there are things I still don’t know. I have asked and no one has told me why. But eventually I suspect I will find out on my own. I still am not used to how some Enamelist do not want to share info. I want to ask questions but I am still afraid of being attacked again. Oh well.

I want to know why you cannot use black as a counter enamel? I did a piece that is not finished yet, as an experiment because that is all I can do now anyway, is experiement! hehe. It is white on one side and black on the other. I am thrilled with the black side, the white side I needed to be more careful with and not let black left over enamel get on the white side…but with what I am going to use it for, that little bit of black doesn’t matter for now. It will be covered with black. This is going to be a black/white piece that is exact opposites. I plan on using leaves (same ones) on each side, just so it is opposites. I think this will be interesting.

So the next picture is of two that I did with silver leaf. I cut the leaf with those cheapie cutters you can buy at Michaels. I think I paid $1 for each one. The problem with these cutters is that they are not very sharp. But they are “ok”. It would have been better if I had leaf which is thicker, but I managed. There are alot of posibilities that these cutters present! I picked two hard colors to work with, I cannot get rid of the black line around the enamels. But people say they like them anyway. But eventually I will figure out how to minimize this. I know Reds/Oranges are easily burned.

This next picture is interesting to me. The one on the left I did in the following manner. I took some white, piled little piles around, then took about 3 to 4 transparents and filled in the rest with my fingers, grabbing little pinches here and there. I didn’t do much else….I call this one blue ocean.

The one on the right was neat and fun. I took a sparrow blue and did that as the base, then I stacked around little seed beads, I had put some “glue” on the enamel to hold them in place. The only problem I ran into was that I didn’t let it dry enough and once I put it in the the kiln a few moved on me….then I took a stencil of a flower shape and put on a lighter blue on top of some of the seed beads….they did amazingly well. There is alot of things that can be done with this!

The next foto is of the backs of the above pieces… the same order.

I did the one on the left a little differently this time. I used the same idea, of little pinches of white with the transparents on top, this time I used more white and some transparent yellow which I like alot. Then once dry I took a little piece of wire to scroll around. This is very neat. I enjoyed this piece alot.

Then the next one I took a small piece of lace and did the light orange on top of the blue, then I took a stencil and added in the pinwheel. I then added in a little lump piece of yellow in the middle. I like the effect of this alot and it is interesting as well! I hope to get ahold of some really good lace with stiff patterns on them.

Anyway at least this is a start and fun!