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Ode to Mr. C of Thompson Enamels

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

I have to tell you Mr. C is a wonderful man. We had lost a huge enamel order that we did through Frantz Art Glass, it took over 2 years to finally win and get it replaced. Anyway, in the meantime Mr. C from Thompson Enamels helped us out! He sent us a nice box of enamels (the sample kit, plus other things) and we were able to get started in our workshop here! Since the order was replaced we have a huge inventory! But thanks to him we have the things that we didn’t even think of like the nifty Preval Sprayer! Other little tools, paints and things that we did not order originally!

So MR. C!!! Thank you very much, we appreciate you more than you know. HUGS

Sincerely the little workshop in Mexico.