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What is new with me! Got a package from the states!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Well, I have been having alot of issues, mostly financial. But I was finally able to order some copper! It is at my Mom’s house in the states and she sent me a small “test” package with 82 pieces of copper. It got here just fine! about 900 more pieces to go! hehe, also I have a Kiln, some used Enameling books from ebay, and other items that she needs to send me soon (hint hint)

Metalliferious is the joint I ordered from. I also ordered a roll of tinned copper wire. But I didn’t know exactly “tinned” meant. Yikes. hehe, maybe what I got is something I cannot use. I want it for the tiny little “domed” pieces of copper for buttons, I plan on making rings and soldering them on with hard solder. I am hoping this copper wire will work. the size is perfect, 16 gauge. I hope my plans are doable and I believe that I have to use hard solder or else the soldering will fall apart once I apply the enamel. I don’t dare ask anyone in the yahoo enameling group. I have been told not to ask questions. So I won’t be doing that over there. So if someone wants to comment to help me with this idea I would appreciate it!


I had to have the copper shipped to my Mom because they only use UPS and the shipping would have been approx. $300 US to here in Mexico. I wish more companies would do US Mail because there is a flat rate box for $29.99 that can hold up to 20lbs in it. So I am going to get it little by little. I bought 1 gross each of 7 different sizes and types. I have 2″, 1 1/2″, 1 1/4″, 1″, 7/8″ round discs and 5/8 & 3/4″ domed circles. It was like $700 dollars for this order! whew. I hope they have the best prices, but it is a done deal now, so maybe next time I can find something better? Comments anyone?


So now that I have a supply I can start doing more and am so very excited. I do have a kiln here, but I can only use it in the evenings and on Sundays, the other days it is being used full time for lampworking glass.

First Posting and Why.

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

I “was” a member of an Enamelling forum. I introduced myself, what my goals are and everyone answered “Yay…Welcome! If we can help just ask. We will answer your questions and help.” I felt a comradship with these people. I was excited in trying out my new art form. Everything was shiny and new. My future looked bright. So what do I do? I ask quetions. Maybe I should go into some background.

I am American, I live in a remote area in a foriegn country. I do not have access to a bookstore and to have something shipped here is like mortgaging a house. So what do I do? I search the net. I have a huge amount of Enamels. Due to a fiasco that happened a few years ago. I have these and don’t know how to use them. So I decided I was going to learn and I have found I love it! It is so much fun. So I have a million of questions that are not covered in my 3 books – The Art of Enameling (Linda Darty), Enamelling on Precious Metals (Jeanne Werge-Hartley), Contemprary Enamelling Art & Techniques (Schiffer Press)….Or I could not find a clear cut answer. I have a very small amount of copper to start with. I would like to make samples of all my colors (I have every single jar 8oz that exists…and then some. Some jars I have 4 each of. So you get the picture.

So I asked questions with fevored hope that they would answer them and help me along. Well I was told “Read your books”….. Frankly this put me off. I do not feel all warm and fuzzy anymore with this group. So I am going to blog about my experiences instead. My hope is that I help someone else get through the first troubling times that a wannabe Enamelist goes through. Instead of telling someone to “read a book”…. That my questions are of such a “Basic” nature that it is hard to answer them, geeze louise….What is there to a yes or no answer! Yes I am miffed by this remark and it still bothers me. I guess you could say I am a tad mad….I will live of course, but they could have been my mentors, my guides, it could have been very nice. We could have been friends. (A side note, since I posted this two people have been very kind to me from this group and it is a different story now…but it still could have been more helpful, I could have been put off so much that I would have dropped this skill, so thanks to the OLD grandfather and Edmund I am still going strong at this…)

So I am going to make this a photo journal of what I go through, I am going to be very detailed, on what worked and what didn’t. My observations. I am really wordy, so you will have to put up with my ramblings…hehe, oh well. But I hope others like me will join me. I hope to do finer and finer work as my skills improve. I would be so happy to have others join me in the venture, and to help them and for them to help me along the way. So if you are also put up by hoytie toytie Enamelers then join me here.

To date, I have done 6 Enameled pieces on copper (Started two more already). I am so very excited and I have already improved in the two sessions I did. I will be posting pictures as well…..

Ode to Mr. C of Thompson Enamels

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

I have to tell you Mr. C is a wonderful man. We had lost a huge enamel order that we did through Frantz Art Glass, it took over 2 years to finally win and get it replaced. Anyway, in the meantime Mr. C from Thompson Enamels helped us out! He sent us a nice box of enamels (the sample kit, plus other things) and we were able to get started in our workshop here! Since the order was replaced we have a huge inventory! But thanks to him we have the things that we didn’t even think of like the nifty Preval Sprayer! Other little tools, paints and things that we did not order originally!

So MR. C!!! Thank you very much, we appreciate you more than you know. HUGS

Sincerely the little workshop in Mexico.